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Partner Stoves are made in Idaho and considered the standard in the rafting industry. If you take care of them properly, they will last a lifetime.

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Partner Stoves and Other Partner Products

Made by Partner Steel in Idaho!

If you want the best campstove – consider buying a Parter 2-Burner or 4-Burner Stove. Each burner has its own needle valve control, which allows you to regulate each burner separately. All hoses are equipped with a safety valve. This automatically stops the flow of gas even if someone forgets to turn off the propane tank. All the fittings can be tightened by hand, no need to ever use a wrench or plyers on the stove.

The stove has a tough 5052 grade aluminum case with 5/16 diameter 304 grade solid stainless steel grill. The stove comes in four models and sizes. All stoves come complete with hose and regulator.


Ripple Works is a dealer for Partner Steel Company.  Along with a stove, we encourage you to consider purchasing a Blaster.  Partner Steel also makes many other products, such as dutch ovens and groovers.  Please contact us know if you would like information on other Partner Steel products – Send an email to Ripple Works.

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Partner Stoves

9" 2-Burner Stove, 16" 2-Burner Stove, 16" 4-Burner Stove, 18" 4-Burner Stove, 26" 6-Burner Stove


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