4″ Silverbacks – Slightly Used Paco Pads

This 4″ Paco Silverback has been slightly used and is in good condition. It shows some signs of wear but has no rips or tears.

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If you want a good night’s sleep while camping – consider buying a Paco Pad. These pads are made of 18 oz. PVC, so they are waterproof and durable. They do not have to be stored in a dry bag when rafting and make a great cushion for the top of a cooler or dry box – just ask our dog, Tug.  When we loan Paco Pads to our friends for a trip, they complain that they have to buy Paco Pads when they get back, because they never want to sleep on a backpacking pad again.

The Paco Silverback is a 4″ soft foam pad 4″ X 26″ X 78 that rolls up to approximately 12″ in diameter and weighs 7.2 kg.

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