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        Photo Gallery

We take great pride in testing our products and enjoying the great American rivers. Here are some pictures from our family and friends on some of our rafting adventures:

Cindy, Hoppe & Osa on the Main Salmon

Awesome River Dog - Priceless!!

Lounging at Camp

Hoppe & Henry's Flip in House Rock #1

Going Over #2

All the Way Over #3

River Yoga

Lilly to Run the Rapids

Time to Launch


Balloon Boy

MJ & Cindy run the Whole in Crystal

Hoppe & Henry in Lava

Jenny & Meeche on the San Juan

Josh in Skull Rapid on Westwater at 32,000 cfs - May 2008

Mike and Jane on the San Juan

Susan on the Grand Canyon

Mark, Rose & Henry

Jordan - Ledges


Geese on the Yampa

Our Favorite Sisters

Corey Volt in Crystal

Toni on Deso-Grey

Desert Bighorn Sheep

Melissa Pulling Dan

Why Mark should Never Pick the Lunch Spot

Rose Rows Rose

Carla & Dave on Lodore

Karl tending the Grill

Henry & Casey



Andrea & Wes River Dancing

Sunset at Parkinson's

Red Wall Cavern

Wes - Fat Cat

Skip & Wes in Lava

Yampa - Looks like Snow

Erik - The Doctor is In

Cindy & Henry looking Regal

The Floggings will Continue

Cindy, Susan & Wes on the San Juan

Helicopter Ride from Whitmore Wash

Nate at Pearce Ferry

* All photos are the Property of Ripple Works Rafting *

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