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       The Original Paco Pads - On Sale

Made by Jack's Plastic Welding in New Mexico!

If you want a good night's sleep while camping - consider buying a Paco Pad. These pads are made of 18 oz. PVC, so they are waterproof and durable. They do not have to be stored in a dry bag when rafting and make a great cushion for the top of a cooler or dry box - just ask our dog, Tug.  When we loan Paco Pads to our friends for a trip, they complain that they have to buy Paco Pads when they get back, because they never want to sleep on a backpacking pad again.

Ripple Works can get any size Paco Pad from Jack's Plastic, but our most popular Paco Pads are the 3" Paco Grande and the 4" Paco Silverback.  The Paco Grande is is a 3" soft foam pad 3" X 27" X 72" that rolls up to approximately 10" in diameter (the same size as the 2" Guide Paco) and weighs 6 kg. The Paco Silverback is a 4" soft foam pad 4" X 26" X 78 that rolls up to approximately 12" in diameter and weighs 7.2 kg.

Both the Paco Grande and Paco Silverback have two valves, one on each side to aid in the removal of air. Paco Pads are available in red, yellow, lime green, pink, light blue, dark blue, dark purple, sandstone, white, orange and grey.  See colors

Consider purchasing a $6 Nylon Transport/Storage Bag with your new Paco Pad. Since some Paco Pad damage can occur in vehicles and storage (rubbing or leaning against something it shouldn't), Ripple Works Rafting recommends transporting and storing your Paco Pad in some type of bag.

Storage Bag

$6 Nylon Transport/Storage Bag

Paco Pads frequently ship directly from the manufacturer (Jack's Plastic Welding) so that Ripple Works customers always receive the most current products and materials. During the busy times of the year (especially spring and early summer), there can be a delay in shipping.  If you need your Pad in a hurry, let us know if you are flexible on colors.

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Make your 3" or 4" Paco Pad much more comfortable with a Custom Sewn Sheet. Flannel or microfiber sheets keep you warmer in the cold weather and cooler in the hot weather - they also help keep from slipping off your Paco Pad.

Ripple Works is a dealer for Jack's Plastic Welding. In addition to Paco Pads, we recommend that you consider purchasing Jack's Plastic Welding Dry Bags.  They are very durable and convenient. Jack's Plastic Welding also produces terrific catarafts (small to large).  Please let us know if you would like to receive information on other products made by Jack's Plastic Welding - Send an email to Ripple Works. Some items ship directly from the manufacturer (Jack's Plastic Welding).

To see all of Jack's Plastic Welding products, please visit the Jack's Plastic Welding website.

Try some custom paco pad sheets for more comfort!

Ready to finish loading by putting the Paco Pad on top.

Another Paco Pad is tied onto to the back of the load

Henry in the Fat Cat on the Grand Canyon

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