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Nettie's Ladders Nettie's Ladders & Outdoor Gear

Made by Nettie in Utah!

Nettie's Ladders are a great addition to boats and kayaks. They sure make getting out of the water a lot easier! Ripple Works also sells other products made by Nettie such as Handy Bags, Oar Clip Covers, Dish Drainers, Table Covers and Drop Bags - check out Nettie's website to see what is availabe. Netties Ladder Website. Please contact us if you are intested in ordering or obtaining product or price information through Ripple Works.

Nettie's Bag Ladders:

Original 3-rung 40" long x 5" wide
Deluxe 4-rung 60" long x 10" wide
Sea Kayak Model 2-rung 34" long x 5" wide

Choose Color of Original 3-Rung Ladder

Add $45.00 Original 3-Rung Ladder to Cart        

Choose Color of Deluxe 4-Rung Ladder

Add $55.00 Deluxe 4-Rung Ladder to Cart to Cart      

Choose Color of 2-Rung Ladder for Sea Kayaks

Add $35.00 2-Rung Sea Kayak Ladder to Cart        

Bag Ladder Use Instructions
Simply clip ladder, using it's loop, to an outside D-ring or frame member with a carabiner or similar fastener (not included).
To Deploy, loosen drawstring and pull the ladder out of the bag.

Sea Kayak Ladder Use Instructions
As an aid to tired paddlers when using paddle float self-rescue.
The ladder may be attached along side of the kayak simply by hanging ladder from it's loop to a strap (not included) secured around combing (if feasible) or; girth hitch the ladder's web loop over the paddle shaft, sliding ladder close to kayak. Release ladder in both installation variations by loosening drawstring on bag.

Gather the rungs from the bottom to the top and insert vertically into the bag. Tuck in reamining side supports and tighten drawstring.

Optional storage/deployment position
Leave bottom rung exposed beneath tightened drawstring for easier recognition. Loosen drawstring and pull on exposed rung for quicker deployment.

Use of this product requires skill and the exercise of caution: Children using this product should be properly supervised by adults. Due to the nature of this product, the seller/distributor of this product assumes no responsibility for damage or injury which may be caused by the use of this product whether caused by accident, negligence or otherwise.

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