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                   Jon-ny Partner Toilet System

Made by Partner Steel in Idaho!

This toilet system is amazing.  It comes with a sealing lid for transporting and an RV cleanout system. Since it is all aluminum construction, odors will not build up as in plastic units.  It has a capacity of approximately 60 person days (i.e., it could accommodate approximately 10 people on a six day trip).

* Set up by removing the clamp and cap, and dropping the toilet seat attachment into place.
* It has the "dry weight" of 22 pounds and is designed for stability, including handles on both sides for portability.
* The rubber gasket and collar-clamp prevent spillage if they are properly attached, even when Jon-ny Partner is flipped upside down.
* It is also equipped with a 5 pound pressure relief valve for the release of gas pressure.
* This product is approximately 12 inches wide, 17 inches long, and 16 inches tall without the seat in place.

It has the capacity of approximately 60 person days (i.e., it could accommodate 10 people on a six day trip).

Ripple Works is a dealer for Partner Steel Company.  Along with a Jon-ny Partner, we encourage you to consider purchasing a Partner Steel Stove.  Partner Steel also makes many other products, such as dutch ovens and blasters.  Please contact us know if you would like information on other Partner Steel products - Send an email to Ripple Works.

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